Right To Buy Discount Calculator

Right To Buy Calculator

If you’ve discovered that you’re eligible to buy your council property, you’re probably curious how much discount you’re entitled to.

To help we’ve built a Right To Buy discount calculator, which will give you a rough guide for how much the Government will be discounting on the value of your property and how much in total you’d have to pay.

Note: The most you could be entitled to is up to £110,500 for properties in London, or up to £82,800 for properties outside London.

To use this calculator you need to either,

If You Know The Value Of Your Property

The only way you’ll know for certain what the council value your property at, will be when the council have sent you what’s called a “S125” offer notice. This will happen after you’ve completed and submitted the RTB1 form.

(See the full Right To Buy process for an explanation of what those both are.)

If you have this value and agree with it, enter that into the “Estimated Property Value” in the calculator above.

If You Don’t Know The Value Yet

If you don’t yet know what the council value your property at, you’ll need to come up with a rough estimate.

There are two ways you can do this,

  1. Speak to a local estate agent and get them to give you a valuation
  2. Use a property website such as Right Move or Zoopla, to see what price similar properties have sold for in your location and then use that as your valuationE

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