Right To Buy Eligibility Quiz

Are You Eligible?

To help you figure out if you’re even eligible for the Right To Buy your council property we’ve put together a quick, simple quiz, which you can take below. It takes less than two minutes to complete.

If you’re eligible we’ll help you work out what discount you could be entitled to and explain your next steps.

If you’re not eligible, we’ll tell you which criteria you currently don’t meet, so you know what you need to fix.

Eligibility Quiz​

The government have seven main criteria that they consider when they determine who has the Right To Buy a council property. By answering the questions below you’ll see if you meet that criteria. 

You’ll need to answer one question at a time. If you meet the criteria then the next question will be revealed. If you don’t meet a criteria we’ll explain why and what would need to change for you to be eligible for the Right To Buy.

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